How to Disinfect a Broom

Brooms do so much of the cleaning work that we sometimes forget that they need a good clean too. Today I will explain a very simple method for broom cleaning that will have your broom in terrific clean and disinfected shape again in no time.
  1. Take all of the hair out of your broom.  If need be, cut some out.
  2. Wash the broom in detergent and warm water.
  3. Rinse out, using cold water.
  4. Hang up in the sun to dry.  Lean the broom head up.  Drying it in the sun will kill off any left over bacteria.
  5. Now don't forget to put it away. See, that was not very hard at all was it? Do this once a month if you use your broom a lot.  Otherwise, do it every 2 months. 
Tip: to help keep your home clean and disinfected, don't use your broom outside. Have one broom for inside and one for outside. This will help keep gross germs out and help keep your floors cleaner.

Have any Tips?
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