Being Clutter Free makes you Happier!

It true Being Clutter free make u feel Calmer more relaxed and happier.

Daily Task:
Don't believe me just declutter one spot in your home and see how you feel!
 Feel good? Good, Now do another spot!

What is Clutter?
1.) stuff that is broken. Example's if you have a busted vase for more  than six months and its still not fixed, it's clutter. Or you have a gadget you've never figured out how to use, it's clutter.

2.) something u have not used in a year and will not be using it anytime use, it's clutter.

3.) clothes that are 2 big! Really if u have lost wait u don't want to go back! Get that stuff out of here it's CLUTTER!

4.) clothes that are to small. Yes it's good to keep some clothes to have as a goal outfit, but when you lose a bunch of weight, you'll want new clothes, pulse u will deserve it!  

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