For Mom's - Sick Day's!

It's So hard Being a Mom and Getting sick! What Do you do?

When you are sick  its easy for everything to get out of control, the wash and dishes get left and start to pile up. Dose this sound about right?

Well when your sick and just need some time to rest and get yourself back to good health how do you keep your home from looking like this...

Or Maybe you have a very Nice hubby or Older Child to help you out when your sick, Lucky! 

But for those of us who are on our own and the wash and dish have to wait tell you can pick yourself up and clean.  It can be over whelming once you feel better, how out of control the home got. 

So today we are going to look a a few ways to help us through this hard time so that its not so over whelming once we start to feel better. So we will not just want to go crawling back in bed and never come out.

 1 Plan Ahead:

You never know when your going to be sick, it can hit you at any time. So here are somethings you can do ahead of time, to help you when your sick.

  • Stock your medicine cabinet
  • Stock some tissues in you cabinet

I always have some kind of frozen meals in my freezer, homemade or from the store. I Always have it on hand for those times that I just don't have time to cook, or I'm just to lazy. This is also a good idea for if/when you get sick.
  • Stock easy go to meals in your freezer/pantry
  • Have healthy pre-made snacks on hand and were the kids can get to then easy by themselves. 

2 Keep on Top of The Laundry

When were sick we sometimes have that little window of time about 10-15min that we feel a little better then were down again. Most of the time this comes after taking a shower or bath.

Use this OK Feeling time 10-15min to do a load of laundry. Try to at least fold, but if your to sick then lay each peace flat on top of the dryer so it will not get wrinkly then the next time you feel a little OK fold it. 

don't bother with trying to put it away if your to sick. but at least try your best to do the above.

3 Switch Things Out

How to help keep the Germs in check!

  • Change your pillow case
It would be ideal if you had the energy when your sick to change all you bedding but then again your sick so of course you don't, However changing to just a fresh clean pillowcase can make such a big difference. you should do this for your kids when there sick as well.

  • Change or Clean You Toothbrush
Each Time after brushing your teeth run you toothbrush under Hot water for 2 min. Then once you done being sick toss that toothbrush out and get a new one! 

If you have a Electric Toothbrush with a LED lite. (Photo to right) to kill germs every night put it in and press start. Once you are All over being sick get a new head.

4 Dirty Dishes

I hate if after I'm sick i walk into the Kitchen and the sink is piled with dirty dishes. Nothing more then that makes me what to just be sick again... (Not really but you get my point)

This is a good job to give to your kids when your sick, But if that's not possible. Try to find at least 10 min to wash even just a few dishes. if you have a dishwasher this will be much easier. But not all of us do so if you don't then wash them and just let them air dry. You can put them away later. its better then having dirty dish's around. But again if you feel up to it then put them away.

5 Be Kind To Your Body

last but not least the most important part, Be Kind to your Body. When Can't always be super Wife or Mom and do Everything, and trying to when your sick is just going to make you worse or make you sick for longer.

So when your sick try and take some down time and get some sleep and take a hot bath, what ever your body needs.

Don't Not ask for help, sometimes our partners can be a little blind to our needs so don't not ask when you need some help. all you need to say most of the time is please.

example: "Honey I've washed the dishes would you mined putting them away for me please."

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