Have a Neighbors Messy Yard in your Face?

Everybody has one, that neighbor that has a messy yard. There is not to a lot you can do, but there are some things you can try.

1.) Is the mess a health and safety issue? Is it attracting vermin's or creepy crawlers? Is the neglect attracting vagrants? Well then you need to deal with the issue right away. Find out if your town's regulations address the matter. Many municipalities have ordinances that govern property maintenance. Then take action: snap a photo of the offending house, bring it to the proper office at City Hall, and ask the authorities to enforce their own laws.

2.) Before confronting your neighbors, engage them in conversation to learn more. Maybe your neighbors is struggling with finances or illness. If so maybe you can offer to help them work in the yard.

3.) If you have kids that want a little money for work, have them make a little flyer with a price on it and give it to the neighbor. This one always seems to work.

4.) If all else fails, there is nothing more you can really do. Try building a fence or planting a hedge to protect your view.

Have you had this problem?
What did you do about it?
Go any ideas people could try?
Please comment below or email me! 

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