{PETS} Grooming your Dog!

Call me Crazy but I love giving dogs bath's. I love that fact that i'm caring for them and doing something for them that they can't do for themselves. Bath time can be great quality time to spend with your dog.
Follow these instructions to make sure the process is relaxing, fun and healthy.

What you need:
  • Dog shampoo, (Not People Shampoo or dish soap this can dry there skin out.)
  • Dog conditioner, (Optional but best if used every other bath at least!)
  • Ear Cleaner
  • Bathing Tub 
  • Towels for matting the bottom of bathing tub and for drying dog after.
  • Tissue
  • Washcloth
  • Hose or Pitcher
  • Dog Brush or Dog Comb
  • Leash, Optional
  • Blow Dryer, Optional

Wear Work Clothes your self because this Could get messy!

Brush Before Bath:
1. Give your Dog a good but  Quick Brush before his bath.

How to Wash your Dog:

1. Place a towel on bottom of tub (this helps your dog not slip and keeps him from scratching the tub) 
2. Fill tub with water

Tip: If your dog don't like baths use a leash hooked to something strong to keep him in tub.

Ear Cleaning:
1. Put in ear drops, fill external ear canal and earflap with solution and massage gently for 30 seconds. Gently wipe with a tissue. repeat one more time.

Its best to do this twice a month.

1. Put Dog in bath
2. Use washcloth to wet dog's face
3. Use hose or pitcher to wet rest of dog with warm water.
4. Begin shampooing dog; start at face and work your way to tail
5. Let shampoo set for several minutes.
6. Use washcloth to rinse shampoo off face.
7.Use hose or pitcher to thoroughly rinse rest of dog.

Repeat same steps as shampooing

1. Wrap a towel around dogs body and pat dry.

Never try to brush, fix mats or tangles wall dog is wet!

If you use a Blow dryer to dry your dog use it on low never Med or High its very easy to burn a dogs skin.

2. Once coat is completely dry, Brush dog.

3. Clip dogs nails, Post coming soon.

  • Talk to and encourage your dog through the washing process to relax him.
  • Conditioning is especially important in the summer when coats can bleach and dry in the sun. (and we all know how much are dogs love the sun)
  • Clean your dogs Bed after grooming.
  • Regularly Clean your dogs bedding

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