{Pet's}- Selling a Home when you have Pets!

Whether you own a dog, cat, bunny, or guinea pig you need to take a few extra steps before you are ready to show your home. Nothing kills a buyers interest in a home faster than pet odor, damage or stains so here's what you can do to get your home Sell Ready!

Pet Hair
Remove pet hair from furniture and floors. Read (here) for how to.

Clean Carpets
Deep clean carpets and hardwood floors. Spot treat any pet stains and then either rent a carpet cleaner (Home Depot and Lowes rent them), or hire a professional to deep clean your carpets. 

Before a Showing
Before a showing, remove or hide any pet-related items in your home such as pet toys, pet beds, cages, and litter boxes. Some potential buyers will relate these items with stains, damage, and odors and become over-alert and start looking for pet problems. so its best to just put them away until they leave.

Pet Odors

Make sure pet odors are gone before showing the home. Often a home owner is desensitized to there home and pets smell, so have an honest friend or your Realtor check. if a odor is there use a air purifier and high-quality pet odor neutralizer. I like using Febreze Carpet Powder.

Pick up the Yard
There is nothing worse then walking into a backyard that smells like dog poo, well it cold get worse they could step in it. You don't want you potential Buyer to go walking in the grass looking around then squish poo on his foot nasty! so get the shovel and trash can and pick up the yard.

*pinterest photo 
*pinterest photo
Have a big whole in the sofa put a pillow over it. Arm on your Lazy Boy all scratched up from the cat Nicely drape a throw Blanket over the arm of the chair. Fix up any damaged baseboards, table legs etc. 

Remove your Pet
Before the showing remove your pet from the home. Before you get all worked up and start saying "but its there house" or "I'm not going to do that" just bare with me and think about these reasons why it would be a good idea to remove your pet when showing the home. 
1.) The Person who is being show the home could be allergic and that really would not be good for a sell.
2.) They could be scared of dogs or cats.
So its just best to take them out for a little drop them off at family's or a friends house for a little, or take them on a walk or to the dog park.

I hope these tips help you, and your home selling goes smoothly!

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What are your Selling Tips?
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