{Cleaning} How to Clean Your Front Load Washer!

Did you know that your washer is Dirty?
Yep that's right the thing that cleans our clothes gets dirty.
Did you know your dirty laundry may actually be even dirtier after you wash it? yes it can, That's because experts say washing machines are teeming with bacteria that find their way onto your clothes... and then onto you.

One of the big problems but the smallest item is our undergarments, because of the presence of fecal matter and different types of bacteria they can carry.
If you wash a load of just underwear, there will be about 100 million E. coli in the washer, and they can be transmitted to the next load of laundry.
There's about a tenth of a gram of poop in the average pair of underwear.
And Children Underwear can be even worse! Grossed out yet? So what can Help? Cleaning Your Washer!

But how do you Clean a Washer?

Well here is how:
For How to Clean a Top Load Washer Click Here
If you have a Front Load Washer Read Below.

1. Clean Your Pump Clean Out Read You Manual on how to do so. How to Video!

2. When empty, Pour 1-2 cups Bleach Into washer, Run on Hottest Cycle. (My Washer Has a Sanitize Cycle that is what I use for this part.)
3.Using a Spray Bottle with vinegar and a toothbrush, Spray around the seal area's.
4. With the toothbrush, scrub seals and hard to reach area's.
5. Using a paper towel or rag wipe all gunk and vinegar off. If needed repeat step 3-5.
6. Wipe area clean using a cloth with warm water.
7. Clean your Pump Clean out again.
8. Now if your Washer has a Basket Cleaner Setting run your washer one last time on that setting. or just run your washer on the hottest setting again.
9.Wipe out side of washer down and leave washer door open for 24 hrs to dry out.

  • Clean your washer about every 4 months.
  • wash hands after handling dirty or wet clothing.
  • Hang Clothing on your line in the sun to dry it will help kill germs.
  • Keep your washer door open slightly after each wash to allow it to dry out. (This will help your washer not get smelly)
  • Do not leave wet clothing in your washer.
  • If you happen to leave wet Items in washer to long wash items with a cup of vinegar, the wash again with your detergent. (This will kill and smell in the items and the washer.)

Please Comment Below!
How do you clean your washer?
Do you clean your washer?
Have and tips?


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