{My Pregnancy Journey} Challenge Week 1

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My Kitchen

Challenge Week 1
Here Is what I Accomplished This week!


Cleaning Task: The Kitchen

  • Load Dishwasher
  • Wash all Dirty Dishes
  • Give Sink a Good Scrub
  • Picked Up Counter
  • Clean Microwave 
  • Wiped Down Counter
  • Cleaned Window 
  • Wipe down the the outside of cabinets
  • sweep floor.
De clutter Task:

  • Picked up clutter on counter
    • Paper clutter
    • Food Clutter
    • Appliances and Knick Knacks
Organizing Task: Under your Kitchen Sink
Take everything out and give the shelves a good Clean. Put everything back neatly and in a organized way. Toss anything that you never use or that is trash!

Routine: Dishes
Do your Dishes Right after dinner. If you are finding that after dinner you are too tired to do so then maybe think about serving dinner a little earlier so you're not as tired. 
also think about running your dishwasher at night and then emptying it in the morning.

10 Minute Only Task: Dining Room Table
Clean off your Dining Room Table and give it a good wipe down.


Cleaning Task: Laundry Room
  • Sort Your Laundry
  • Clean Vacuum out your Dust Trap of your Dryer
  • Wipe Down Your Laundry room Walls (They can get very Dusty)
  • Wipe down the outside of your washer and dryer
  • Clean your Countertops'
  • Wipe Down the outside of your cabinets
  • Take out any Trash
  • Refill and Laundry soap dispensers
  • Do a Load of laundry
De clutter Task: Countertops & Top of Washer & Dryer
If you have a lot of stuff on your counter or on the top of your Washer & Dryer like socks, Loose change Figure out a System that looks less cluttered Like a Jar for Loose Change or a Basket That lost socks can go in. But try to put a stop to this clutter.

Organizing Task: Dirty Laundry
It may sound funny but I organize my Laundry I have 4 Brackets 3 are Under my washer and Dryer and one Between my washer and dryer. I sort my laundry by loads so on the day that its time to do that load i don't have to wasted time sorting i can just throw it in the wash. I also makes it easy for when one basket is getting a little to full i know i need to run an extra load that day. here is how i have mine sorted.
  1. Normal Load: Work Clothes, Jeans, Socks and underwear
  2. Delicate: All of my tops and Hubby's Shirts
  3. Towels
  4. Hand Wash: Things that need to be hand washed or washed by themselves.
I sort my laundry different from other's because this is what works for me. some people do Darks, Lights etc... but I Never have a full load of Lights normally 1-2 items a week so i just throw them in with my delicacies.
Most of my tops i wash on Delicate but it don't make a full load that's why I add my hubby's Shirts in with his load. 

Baby Task: Laundry Basket
Now That There will be a baby there will be more laundry and because I'm going to be washing the baby's items in different laundry soap it's going to be a whole nother load. So today add a basket to your laundry room or your sorting system for baby items.

I added another small basket between my Washer & Dryer for the babies items.

Routine: Laundry Schedule
Have a Laundry Schedule so maybe that you do one load a day or 2 or 3 a day Make a Schedule that works for you and your family and make a chart put it in your laundry room and try to stick with it.

Don't forget to add baby Items to the schedule and then just for now you can ignore that part of the schedule.
Here is my new schedule i made:

Monday: Delicacies & Hand Wash Items
Tuesday: Towels
Wednesday: Normal Load
Thursday: Baby Items
Friday: Sheets
Saturday & Sunday I have the day off

10 Minutes Only Task: Windows
Clean All the windows in the main areas of the home!


Cleaning Task: Master Bedroom

  • Remove all bedding
  • Wash all bedding
  • Place decorative Pillows On the line in the sun to help remove germs
  • Vacuum Mattress
  • Pick up and put away all clothing
  • Pick Up and put or throw away all paper clutter
  • Pick up and put or throw away all other clutter
  • Dust all Surfaces,dressing table, mirrors, night stands, picture frames, decor
  • Clean ceiling fan
  • Vacuum the floor and under the bed.
  • Make the bed with fresh clean bedding.
De clutter Task: Master Bedroom
Look around your room do you have to much stuff around? (I know I did) To Many Cute knickknacks? These things can be cute but too many of them can make a room look cluttered and messy and can make your Job at cleaning a lot harder. So take a look and see what you can move to another room, sell or Donate!

Organizing Task: Nightstands
My top nightstand Drawer
Take everything out of your nightstand drawer give the drawer a good wipe down. Go through the items that were in there Throwing away any trash, clutter, and things that you want to keep but will not be keeping in your nightstand put it into a Keep Box. Read about My Organizing Boxes Here!

Then Put everything you want to keep in your nightstand back into it in a clean and organized way. move on to the next drawer. and if your hubby don't mind do his nightstand as well.

Routine: Make Your Bed & Open Blinds
Every Morning before you leave your room make your bed, if you say you will come back to it it will never get done. When the bed is made the room looks cleaner. 

Open your window blinds The sunlight will help with any bad odors in the room. and it makes it look nice in there.

Or make a last one up rule! A Friend of mine her and her husband have a rule that on the weekends who ever is the last one out of bed has to make it! This really works for them. (I tried it and my bed never got made on the weekend or when my hubby would do it, it always looked messy to me lol But this might work for you)

Baby Task: Personal Items
You may want to rethink where you keep your and your hubby's Bedroom Personal Items! With a new baby that last thing you would want was for you little one to find that Special little box under your bed. 
(I have a friend who kept hers under her bed in a cute little hat box, one day when she have family and friends over her toddler came running out of her room with something in hand, Very embarrassing.)

So lesson learned hide it were in will be safe or has a key or something. Just something to think about.

10 Minute Only Task: Keep Box
Clean Out Your Keep Box

Cleaning Task: Living Room
  • Wash any Throw Blankets
  • Hang Decorative Pillows on the line in the sun
  • Pick up any Trash
  • Pick up any clutter
  • Clean ceiling fan
  • Dust Pictures, tables, shelves any decor in the room
  • Clean window
  • Vacuum sofa
  • Spot clean sofa
  • Vacuum floor
  • Put pillows and Throw Blankets Back
Organizing Task: DVDs & Video Games
My DVD Binder I keep This in a Cabinet.

Rethink how you store your DVDs and Games. Do you have them all on a shelf in your living room? This could be making the room look more cluttered and it gives you more things to dust think about putting them in a cabinet or store them like i do in a binder.

De clutter Task: DVDs &  Video Games
Do you have movies or games that you just don't really like but you own them, or movies you know you will never watch? video games you will never play? Then consider Selling or donating them.

Baby Task: Reading
Do Some reading! Start Reading the Book "What to expect when Expecting" or any other baby info book you have been wanting to read.

10 minute only task:
Don't let your Kitchen Get away Give it a straiten. 

Cleaning Task: Floors

 Vacuum & Mop all floors.

  • Pick everything you can up of the floor
  • Vacuum all Floors in your home
  • Mop all Hard Floors in your Home (Wood, Tile Etc...)
  • Once Dry Place everything Back
Wall floors are drying Give yourself a little break maybe take a nap. You know with being pregnant you got to be tired!

Well That's It For This week! It May seen like a lot or it may seem like a little to you, Whatever the case work at your own speed. And never over work yourself remember you're pregnant and need rest, and you and the baby come before anything else so if you're getting tired take a break, drink or eat something!

Please Comment below!
What Do you think Of this Week?

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