{My Pregnancy Journey} Challenge Week 2!

Don't Know About The Challenge Yet Visit The Post "New Challenge Part 1" Click Here to go check it out!

Challenge Week 1
Here Is what I Accomplished This week!

Monday: Today I was Not Feeling So up To Power!

Cleaning Task: Laundry
  • Washed My Daily Laundry Load
  • Folded Laundry
  • Put away Laundry
De clutter Task:Magazines
Go through You stack of Magazines and clean them out.


Cleaning Task: Fridge
Clean Out Your Kitchen Fridge!
  • Take Everything Out
  • Clean shelves and drawers.
  • Wipe Down items that you took out
  • Once all done give the outside of your fridge a good wipe down and shine.
De clutter Task: Fridge
Do You Have Food Items that you never use? (Sauce that you found on sale but nobody in the house likes it? Etc...) Throw them out they are just making clutter.

Organizing Task: Fridge
Organize the Inside of your Fridge. Putting with like items together.

Baby Task: Do something good for you and your baby.
Do something good for you and Baby, do 30 minutes of a pregnancy workout, walking or prenatal yoga. My personal favorite is yoga.

Routine: Cleaning out your Fridge.
Set a time each week that you do a quick clean and wipe down of your fridge, Preferably the day you make you meal plan or the day before you go shopping.

Also Set a Time each month that you give your fridge and deep clean.

Most homes have some Kind of Paper Clutter. Today we are going to get all our paper stuff in order by sorting and filing.

Cleaning Task: Paper

  • Go around your home and gather all Paper, Mail, Junk Mail, Recipes, Online Printouts, Manuals, Tax papers, Piles of paper work, That pile of mixed papers that you have know clue what's in it. Gather it all and put it in one place.
  • Now Get a Box & a Trash bag
De clutter Task: Paper
  • Sort Through The Pile Making piles that need to be filed or need a home. throwing trash into the trash bag and things that can be recycled into the box.
  • Take out the trash & Recycle Box
Organizing Task: Paper

  • File all Paper Piles. If you don't have a File make one.
  • Start a sorting system that will work for you. so these piles don't happen all over the house. 
    • A bin for mail
    • A Bin for things that need to be filed
    • A bin of papers your Hubby needs to look at etc...
Click Here to read how I Organize my files

Routine: Sort Your Mail & Files
Find a time each week that works for you to sit down a sort your mail, sort your files and file them.

Baby Task: Start a Baby Binder
Get a binder where you can put all your baby info in.

10 Minute Only Task: Clean Off one Shelf in your home

Cleaning Task: Office

  • De Clutter Office Desk
  • Empty Trash
  • Dust all surfaces
  • Give Computer a good clean. Read How 
  • Clean Window
  • Pick up items off of floor
  • Pick up item off of the floor so you can vacuum (Trash can, chair etc...)
  • Clean Baseboards
  • Vacuum Floor
  • Place items Back on floor.
Organizing Task: Office Desk

  • Organize your top of your desk in a way that works for you.
  • Organize each drawer of you desk
De clutter Task: Top of Your Office Desk
De clutter Your Office desk! Do you have to many things on it? deco, supplies, pens, paper, junk. De clutter your desk find new homes for things that don't need to be on top of your desk. Put the stapler in the drawer. clean out some of the pens etc...
Routine: Desk
make it a Routine that before you leave your desk that you put everything away. never say you will come back to something! even if you're not completely done with something put it away or it might never get put away.

10 minute only task: Email
Unsubscribe from emails you don't want to get anymore

Cleaning Task: Ceiling Fans
Clean all ceiling fans in your home
Read How Here 

Organizing Task: Calendar
Go throught the year and put all important Dates in your calendar, Anniversaries, Parties, appointments etc...

De Clutter Task: Junk Drawer
All homes have some kind of Drawer where it's kinda a throw all. In some homes this drawer can have order and be neat in other homes it can be the i can't ever find anything in here drawer. Today De clutter your junk drawer.
  • Clean drawer out
  • Give it a good Wipe down
  • Place items you want to keep in there back in. Do so in a organized way.

Baby Task: Calendar
Add any baby stuff to your calendar. and look and see what dates will not work for the baby shower and be sure to give them to the host so they know not to plan on those dates.

Well That's It For This week! 
It May seen like a lot or it may seem like a little to you, Whatever the case work at your own speed. And never over work yourself remember you're pregnant and need rest, and you and the baby come before anything else so if you're getting tired take a break, drink or eat something!

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What Do you think Of this Week?

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