{My Pregnancy Journey} Challenge Week 3!

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Challenge Week 3
Here Is what I Accomplished This week!

Monday: Bathrooms

Cleaning Task: Bathrooms

  • Clean Shower
  • Clean build up around taps & drains
  • clean sink
  • clean mirror
  • clean countertop
  • clean window & shills
  • clean toilet

De clutter Task: Bathroom Countertops
Don't have too much stuff on your bathroom countertop in make it look messy. and its harder to clean.

Organizing Task: Shampoo Bottles
Rethink what you have in your shower. could you make personal shower caddies for each family member or maybe have a decorative bottle that the shampoo is in.

Baby Task: Bathroom Stuff
Find a spot in your bathroom cabinet where you can keep babies bathroom stuff, Shampoo, Body wash, Wash rags, Towels etc...

Routine: Bathroom
Make it a routine that after you take a bath you rinse out the tub. Or after Babies bath you rinse out tub, rinse off toys and put everything away.
This will make cleaning the bathroom easier every week.


Cleaning Task: Kitchen
Clean your Oven!
Read how Here

Baby Task: Cabinet
Pick a Cabinet/drawer out in your Kitchen that you want to store babies things.
Keep in mind you will need room for the following:
  • Bottles
  • Nipples
  • Bibs
  • Spoons
  • Bowls
  • Plates
  • Sippy cups
Keep in mind that just because the baby is maybe not using these yet doesn't mean you will not have them and need a place to put them. If you're having a baby shower you will probably get these items and you will need a place for them better to make a place now than later.

De clutter Task: Cabinets
Clean Out 2 Cabinets of your choice, Preferably one of the cabinets you want to use for baby.
But not your Tupperware Cabinet we will be getting to this next.

Organizing Task: Tupperware Cabinet
Organize the Inside of your Tupperware cabinet. Tossing any stained or cracked pieces or ones with missing lids.


Cleaning Task: Dishwasher
Clean your dishwasher!
Read how to Here

De clutter Task: Bathroom Cabinet
De Clutter your Bathroom Cabinet.
Anything you don't use or no longer want clean it out of there. 

Organizing Task: Bathroom Cabinet
Organize the bathroom cabinet!

10 Minute Only Task: Straighten up your Master Bedroom!

Cleaning Task: Washing Machine

Clean Your Washing Machine!

Organizing Task: Linen Cabinet
Organize your Linen Cabinet. Or were ever you keep your linens.

De clutter Task: Linen Cabinet
Any ratty old sheets or blankets clean them out. Towels that have holes Retire them to be cleaning rags.

10 minute only task: Car
Remove all rubbish from your car.

Cleaning Task: Your Wardrobe
  • Remove items from shelves
  • Clean Shelves
  • Put items back
  • Remove Items from Floor
  • Vacuum Floor
  • Place items where they go
  • Give everything a good straightening

Organizing Task: Your Wardrobe
Organize your wardrobe.

De Clutter Task: Your Clothing
Box up any clothing that don't fit you.
With pregnancy your body is always changing so you may need to try on some items. 

I put all my clothing that don't fit into a flat plastic bin with a lid that will fit under the bed. as this is just temporary until after the baby is here and I lose weight.

Baby Task: Your Clothing
Get yourself some Maternity clothing trust me this will make you feel so much better.
I still had some stuff that kinda fit but I went and got my self 1 pair of pants 1 pair of shorts and 2 tops and man I feel so much better i didn't even realize how uncomfortable i was.

If you strapped on cash Try going to Thrift stores or baby consignments. That is what I did.

Well That's It For This week! 
It May seen like a lot or it may seem like a little to you, Whatever the case work at your own speed. And never over work yourself remember you're pregnant and need rest, and you and the baby come before anything else so if you're getting tired take a break, drink or eat something!

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What Do you think Of this Week?

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