{Organizing} My Office Files!

For Me I have a lot to File. My hubby has 3 Business,  Generation Builders a construction Company, Barnett's Water Pros that dose backflow testing for the city, And Barnett's Energy Wise a Heating and Air Company. 

So with all these I always have so much paper around my house and all over Our Home Office. And Its my job to File everything. It becomes a lot.

 And that's not even counting All His Helicopter pilot Paper work he has to keep on file, Household papers, Our House Info, Rental Info and Now Baby Papers. There is a lot.

So Here is How I File
I have one 4 drawer filing cabinet in the closet of our office and One 2 drawer Filing Cabinet as well.
The 4 Drawer Cabinet
Drawer 1: Business Papers
Drawer 2: Properties, Taxes & Insurances 
Drawer 3: Household
  •  Recipes To Try
  • Couponing
  • Household List
  • TV & Internet Info
  • Manuals, Fridge, Microwave, Dishwasher etc...
Drawer 4: Hubby's Helicopter Files.

The 2 Drawer Cabinet
Drawer 1: Back Taxes
Drawer 2: Office Supplies

You Might of noticed that I Don't have a Files for the Some Normal Items. That is because I also Use Binders for Many things. 

My Bill Binder: A Binder I keep all bill info in
  • Due Bills
  • Paid Bills
  • Check Stubs
  • Family Yearly Budget
  • Family Monthly Budget
In another post I will Explain My Bill binder!

Blog Binder: I also keep a Binder with all my blog info in it.

Medical Binder: I Have a Medical Binder for each of us, with any medical info I need is in there.

I will Explain The Medical Binder In a Later Post as Well.

How I sort and Pay my Bills weekly!

On My Desk I have 3 Holders one for Incoming Mail, one for Things needing to be filed and one for things my hubby needs to go through.

Once a Week (Mondays) I sit down and sort through the holders. I first will go through the mail putting any bills in my binder and marking down when they need to be paid. 

as for junk mail I throw that out normally before I even bring the mail inside. because after i take it out of the mailbox i will just walk over to my outside trash can and put the junk mail in there.

Next I will Take some Time to pay my Bills and Look over my bank account. Putting anything that needs to be filed into the "Needs to be Filed Holder"

Then next I will take everything out of the Need to be filed folder sort throw it and then file everything. If i don't have a file for a item i will take some time to make one.

I never leave my office on Monday until all the bills are payed for that week and the mail & File holder are empty!

This is what helps me stay on top of my Paper work.

Please Comment Below!
How do you file?
How do you stay on top of the stack?

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