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In Past Challenges I have Talked about Organizing Boxes! I love my Organizing Boxes it make things a lot easier for me. As I'm cleaning out a cabinet, shelf or closet I can sort items into the boxes and then put the boxes away. it make the process a lot easier.

What Are the Organizing Boxes?
Bin's or some kind of storage container for the following items. But you want them to be a size that you can take around the home as you organize.

Here are the Boxes I have:

Keep Box: A box for everything that's in a room it does not belong in. A item that needs to be Put away in another room will go in this. or an item that does not have a home in the house but you want to keep it, it will go in here.

At the end of the day right before I go to my room for bed I will get my Keep Box and walk through the house and pick anything up that don't belong in that room and put it into my keep box, Then I will Put the box back into the Hall Closet where I keep it and then the next day I will empty the box.

 If you have older kids this is a good chore for them. or at least make it a rule that once a day the go look and see if any of the items belong in there room.

Donate Box: An item that you no longer want or need but is still in working order for somebody else to use will go in here.

Sell Box: Items that you can sell if you are to have a garage sale or sell online. 

Note: The rule with this box is that you must not keep items in here for very long you don't want it to get full and then you just have this box you are storing that just makes more clutter. so Make sometime and post them online or set the date for the garage sale.

The Bins don't need to be really big, so don't think you need the biggest bin you can find.
the size i use is about the size of 2 shoe boxes.

I have Created labels for you to cut out and tape to your Bins! To print them Click Here!

Please Comment Below!
Do you Use Organizing boxes?
Will you try this?
What do you think about Organizing boxes?

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