{My Pregnancy Journey} Week 13- Week 20!

I know I Know I have been gone for sometime now Life has been crazy and Pregnancy has been One Amazing and crazy ride! I have been using the days I have Energy and Feel good to get things done around the home So have had no Time to blog Im sorry. You Can Read more about what I have been getting done under The Challenge.

First of all I can Say I LOVE being Pregnant there is nothing more amazing then feeling my Little one moving all around. Because I have Missed giving you guys a update week by week lets back up at I will fill you in.

Week's: 13 Weeks
Stretch Mark Care:Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter, Burt's Bees Mama Bee Nourishing Body Oil With Vitamin-E, 
How Many Stretch Marks: None from the pregnancy But I do have then From when I was a Teen Growing. My Boobies Itch Really bad but I try not to scratch because they say it's bad.
Sleep: Dreaming a Lot
Showing: Yes
Wedding Band On or Off: On
Belly Button In or Out: IN
Feelings: Excited!!!! 
Can't Wait for: To know if its a girl or boy

Week's:14 Weeks
Weight Gain/Loss: 3lb total
Cravings: Asparagus's! I want it all the Time I love it!!!
Pain Or Discomfort: little abdominal pain, Doc says This is growing Pains
Labor Signs: No
Wedding Band On or Off: On
Belly Button In or Out: IN
Movement: Started Feeling Little Flutters, At First I Thought I was crazy but Nope Its Definitely The baby Moving.
Feelings: Amazing!
Appointments: Had a Doctors Appointment This week:) My hubbys Grandmother got to go in with me and we heard the Heartbeat 160:) its so amazing to hear.
Can't Wait for: 20 week ultrasound

Week's:15 Weeks
Sleep: I keep waking up on my tummy and then its super sore!
Cravings: Still The SAME
Movement: The Flutters are getting stronger 
Pain Or Discomfort: still having growing pains, headaches
Wedding Band On or Off: On
Belly Button In or Out: IN

Week's:16 Weeks
Stretch Mark Care: I've Gotten Lazy need to start doing better.
Swelling: Little, I always Sleep with My ring on (I know I know bad) But I have to take it off now at night.
Wedding Band On or Off: On, But Off at Night
Belly Button In or Out: IN

Week's:17 Weeks 
Belly Touching Starting To Gets Lots Of it! I thought I would HATE My belly being Touched But I really don't Mind It at all.
Belly Button In or Out: IN

Week's: 18 Weeks
Tiredness:.very tired!
Sleep: having a hard time sleeping
Gender prediction: this is a very uncomfy week
Belly Button In or Out: IN

Week's: 19 weeks
Movement: The Flutters have become full on Kicks and once in a while they are strong were hubby can feel.
Pain Or Discomfort: headaches, leg cramps, cold & flu symptoms
Swelling: Yes If I'm on my feet to long they get a little puffy! And hands are off and on swollen
Wedding Band On or Off: Off Using a Fake ring that a size up for now, some days i can get my ring on.
Belly Button In or Out: IN
Can't Wait for: Monday 20 week ultrasound Hopefully we find out the sex!!!

And Now Finally!

Week's: 20 Weeks
Sleep: Been Having really bad Nightmares :( and hubby says I've started to snore a little! 
Things I miss: Whisky
Movement: Baby Hates When I bend over to Put on shoes or anything It Kicks me very hard!:)
Swelling: Off & On
Wedding Band On or Off: Mostly Off But When I can On
Belly Button In or Out: IN
Event: We Found Out The Sex at Our 20 Week Ultrasound On Monday! See Post about The Sex To Find Out!

Well That's It For Now Thank You For Reading Don't forget to Read About The Sex of the baby and to check out what I've been up to with My Challenge!

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