{My Pregnancy Journey} It A...!

On monday I had my 20 Week Ultrasound and found out the sex our our little one!
Man so exciting! 

First an hour before my appointment an up to it I couldn't use the restroom and i had to drink 32oz of water. (don't sound so bad until you're pregnant and needing to use the bathroom every 5 min.) Anyways once we arrived at the radiology department at the hospital for our appointment, they took me back and we got started.
 First the tech took all the photos that the doctor needed then let me go use the restroom, Now The fun Part the Sex of the Baby!
 It took sometime Our little bundle was being a pain and was just sleeping away and would not move around for a good photo. So it was a process. She had me get up and touch my toes 15 time then we tried again baby moved but not a very good view still. then she had me use the bathroom 2 more times and do some more moves and bam Baby moves and what a view! We Got it!

So Now after my long story, What's The Sex Of The Baby!

See Below!
It's A Boy!
We are so very happy, and can't wait for him to get here!

Please Comment Below!

What was It like when you found out the sex of your baby?


  1. Congratulations on your little man!!!!! I remember I went to the bathroom and jumped up and down a few times to wake baby up then when I went back into the room she was moving.


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