2015 Family Financial Planner!

This Binder is a lot more than Just a Budget. I love my Family Financial Plan, Since I have been using this I have been so much more organized with my bill's and been able to keep track of our spending. 

Here is what is In the Binder:
- 2015 Calendar
- Monthly Budget Worksheet
- Income Tracker
- Expense Tracker
- Loans & Credit Card Tracker

Here is how my Binder is set up:

I use a 2" Binder that has a pocket on the front and back on the inside. With 4 Divider Tabs, Labeled.
- Budget
- Expenses
- Income Tracker
- Loans & Credit Card's
- Past Months

(1) I have my Binder Cover Page and my Binder spine.
Tip: To make it easier to insert your Binder spine, Open your binder laying it flat on your table with the outside facing up (shown in photo below)
Now insert your Binder Spine.

(2) When you first open My Binder on the Left side there is a pocket I used my label maker to make a label saying  "Bills To Pay" and put it on the outside of the pocket.

 In this Pocket I put all the bill that need to be paid in this spot. I also have a pen, Envelope Opener and checkbook in this pocket, and I have a thing of stamps paper clipped to the pocket, This makes everything I will need in one place.
(3) The First thing you see on the right inside my binder is the Calendar. I use the calendar to write when bills are due.so example: as soon as I get a bill in the mail I check the due date and write it on the calendar Like with the Name and amount, then I place the Bill in the pocket on the left side.
(as seen in photo)

(4) Next I have a Tab Labeled "Budget" I have my budget under this.

(5) A Tab Labeled "Expenses" I have my Expense Tracker page under this. Each week when I sit down to do my bills I gather all receipts and add them to the expense tracker. then I throw away any that I don't need to save for Taxes and any that I do I file in my Filing box.

(6) A tab labeled "Income Tracker" I have my Income Tracker page under this. at the end of each month I add up all my hubby's pay stubs and Side Jobs and add them to the Income Tracker.

(7) A "Loans & Credit Card's" tab I keep my Loan's & Credit Card Tracker Page here

(8) A "Past Months" tab at the end of the month I look over the budget, Expense Tracker & Income Tracker, and I use a blank copy of the monthly budget worksheet and fill it out will everything we did that month I label the top of the budget with the month. and place it in my binder under the "past months" tab along with that month's expense tracker and pay stubs I keep up to 6 months at a time in my binder because every 6 month my hubby and I sit down and go over our budget and spending together this way everything is in one spot and i don't have to search and all my totals are there and I can easily compare to past months and see where we need to cut back or where we can afford to have a little flexibility.

(9) In the very back of my folder is a pocket I put all my Recipes that need to be added to the Expense Tracker in there.

So there you have it that's my Financial Binder. I absolutely love it and love this method it really works for me.

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Please Comment Below!
How do you Organize your Bills?
Do you use a Bill Binder?
Do you have a Family Budget?
What do you think of my Binder?


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