{My Pregnancy Journey} 24 Week's!

A little Outfit I Got Our Little One!
24 Week's 
Week's: 24 week's
Stretch Mark Care: None Yet
Sleep: I'm Getting up 3-4 Times a night to use the bathroom.
Cravings: Cheese
Things I miss: Wine
Movement: Lots and Lots Of movement
Pain Or Discomfort: If I stand or sit to long my back starts to kill me
Labor Signs: No
Swelling: If i don't give myself time to sit and rest or to sit with me feet up my feet become very very big, so yea I would say I have swelling lol
Wedding Band On or Off: OFF :( but it will be back once i have baby.
Belly Button In or Out: IN
Feelings: Excited, very very excited!!
Can't Wait for: I'm getting very excited about the baby Shower!
Also Next Friday we will be doing a 3D Ultrasound I can't wait! I will be posting a Blog Post about that experience after we do it so stay tuned.
I also Have Gifts I will be giving to Both sets of Grandparents, I will be giving them the gift after the 3D Ultrasound I'm so excited!

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