{My Pregnancy Journey} 25 Weeks!

25 Week's

25 Week's 
Week's: 25 week's
Tiredness: Very
Sleep: Up and down 3-4 Times a night to use the restroom. I tried not drinking anything before I go to bed to see if this helps but, I get so thirsty all the time and I get thirsty in the middle of the night. So I just have to put up with the bathroom trips.
Memory of the Week: We had our 3D Ultrasound even though we didn't get to see his face much the little that I did was amazing!!!
Cravings: Fruit lots and lots of fruit
Movement: He loves to move when I eat or when Daddy sings, He moves a lot when I lay down on my left side.
Pain Or Discomfort: My back has been killing me this week, I talked with my doctor and she said its normal. I ordered a belly band, it should be coming in the mail soon. Doctr said that should help.
Labor Signs: No
Swelling: If I'm on my feet to long or sit to long. so if i really do anything for a long time my feet swell lol
Wedding Band On or Off: off
Belly Button In or Out: IN
Feelings: Excited and a little nervous but I'm ready to meet my Boy!
Name Ideas:
Can't Wait for: My 3D Ultrasound in 2 weeks that we are going to redo.

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