{My Pregnancy Journey} Gift's for soon To be Grandparents!

In my post {My Pregnancy Journey} 24 Weeks! I mentioned the Gifts I have for the grandparents. 
Well I thought I should not leave you hanging! I should show you what they were! I got each set of Grandparents a Diaper Bag of there own.  

I know what some of you may be thinking, there own diaper bag? why would they need that? the diaper bag goes with the baby. or are they going to have the baby that much?

Well first my mom always had some items at her home for my sisters kids extra diapers, clothing, toys, shampoo, lotion, diaper rash cream, bottles, pacifiers etc... This made it way easier on her when she would watch them because once in awhile they would last min stay over night and this made it nice for my sister because she never has to pack for them. 

for example if my sister and her hubby went out to dinner and a movie and the baby already went down for the night and they wanted to stay out a little later or go home and have a night for the 2 of them they could.

I'm not saying give the grandparents a diaper bag and then leave your kids all the time its not there job to raise you baby. but it does make it a lot easier on you and them if they already have some items at their home.

plus this way you giving it to them as a gift, make sure that they have the right stuff, the brand of diaper rash cream you use, the same kind of pacifier, same bottles etc...

So you might be wondering why not a Basket? Why a Diaper Bag?
Well that's just because I thought it was a cute way to do it. Yes a basket would work just fine. But this way if they do go somewhere with the baby they don't have to take my bag if they don't want to.

OK so now that you know why I wanted to do a Diaper Bags what did I put in them?
This is the fun part all the cute little items!
-Pacifier Holder    
- 9oz Bottle    
- 5oz Bottle                 
- Bib
- Burp cloth
- Arm & Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser and Bags
- 2 outfits
- Hat
- Pair of Socks
- Teething Ring
- Teething medicine
- Hand Sanitizer
- Wipes
- Diapers
- Changing Pad
- Swaddle Blanket
- Baby Brush
- Wet Ones (for clean ups)
- Diaper Rash Cream
- Lotion

That's It! 
So When I gave this to them they seemed very excited my dad even mention that it meant a lot to him and that it shows him that he will get to spend time with the baby.

I'm very glad I did this for them!

Please comment Below!
What do you think of this gift idea?
what kind of gift ideas do you have?
Did you give gifts to the soon to be grandparents?

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