{How To Video} How to Clean a Drain Clean Out on a Front Load Washer!

From time to time I will notice that my washer just doesn't seem to work the same, Well that means its time to give it a good clean. Anyone who reads my blog knows I like to give my washer & dryer a good clean regularly. (read about it here How to Clean Your Front Load Washer!) Did you know that you should clean your Drain Clean Out Regularly. I know I didn't.

 When I finally cleaned mine out I found, Half a Screw, Hair, Lint and even a needle as you will see in the video below. Recently I went to clean it out and It was so bad I could barely get the filter out there was dog hair wrapped all around it I had to cut the hair off, and this is with cleaning it regularly. 

So if your washer is just not running the same read below and find out how to help it. or if you are just wanting to keep your washer running like the day you go it read on.

Most Front Load Washers Have a Drain Clean Out on the front of them, this will collect and Pennies, screws, Lint, Hair, Hair Clips and anything else that may me running around in your washer.

It's a good idea to give this a good clean about every 4 months, (If you have pets that shed I recommend every month & each time after cleaning dog bed etc...) to keep your washer running smoothly and it also helps with odors as there can be smelly gunk stuck in there.
*Always check your Owners Manual for Instructions.

For How to Clean a Top Load Washer Click Here
How to Clean Your Front Load Washer!

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