First Trip To Cancun Mexico

Hubby and I love to travel, We like to try and take a vacation at least one a year. This Year (Oct 2013) we went to Cancun, Mexico for a week, it was so wonderful. We went with a group of  9, my Inlaws, 3 friend's & my cousin Tianne and her new hubby. We all had a blast! I can't wait to go back.
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We all had different flights so we all arrived at different times of the day.
Hubby and I had a very early flight out of SFO so we ended up arriving in Cancun around 9:30AM by the time we got our bags, got on our shuttle (the Mayan has a shuttle you can request), and made our way to the resort 30 min away we arrived around 10:30AM. 

One thing about arriving early is we could not check in until later in the day, but we planed on this. we hate to waste one whole day of our vacation flying so we always try and get there as early as possible. In our Carry Ons we put our bathing suits and anything else we would want for the day, so that way when we got to the resort we checked our luggage in with the front desk and with our one little tote headed for the pool. After changing into our swimsuits and putting on some sunblock (a very important item). we grabbed ourself a spot at the swim up bar and started our vacation.

Around 2PM my In-Laws and 3 friends arrived so we met them in the lobby and went ahead and checked in and went and settled into the room and then headed right back down to the pool for some more relaxing.

My cousin and her Hubby arrived around 5PM so again we headed to met them in the lobby and helped them get set up in the room and get dressed for dinner. We all had dinner at the resort and then swam the night away.

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This Resort is 1000 Acres of Paradise, Over half a mile of beach, 17 Bars & Restaurants and my personal favorite swim up bars, 15 pools that are all connected in some way. This resort is known for its extra large pools, which means more space for you to find that perfect spot to lounge next to the pool. One of my hubbys favorite things is there Jack Nicklaus designed Golf Course.

We did two 2 bedroom suits for all nine of us. They are set up so nice with 2 master suits and then a livingroom and kitchen between the two, makes it more private. then you have a large balcony with a small pool on it. my favorite part of the room would be the bathtub. it a large two person tub that opens up to the bedroom it's so relaxing and 

Day 2 Resort & Town:
We all spent the morning exploring the resort together and finding our way around. Had some breakfast at Green Break at the golf course at the resort. This ended up being our groups starting point most mornings.

Then we all took a taxi (little did we know that our taxi driver was amazing and would end up being our driver for the rest of the week, we loved him) into Playa Del Carmen to checkout the town, have some lunch and then did a little grocery shopping for some stuff for the room like, snacks, water, beer, and stuff to make some mix drinks etc... My hubby always likes to get beer that he can put in a small cooler and take down to the pool with him so he don't have to pay as much for beer.

Day 3 a day at XPLoR:
We went to XPLoR, Oh man this place was so much fun, If I ever go back I will definitely want to do this again!
Our Taxi Driver told us about this place and said him and his family like to go here rather than some of the other parks so we thought let's give it a try. so in the morning are wonderful Taxi driver picked us up and took us to this wonderful park.

Here we did Zip-lining (witch Tianne and I were so scared to do because we are scared of heights but this experience was so worth it.) The zip-lines are such a experience as you fly over the jungle you will get incredible views of the Mexican Caribbean. Some of the lines even have you going through waterfalls and some have you ending in the Cenotes. 

We Also did the Underground Rafts they give you a Raft and 2 Hand Paddles and you paddle with your hand underground in rivers that are within caverns & caves this was amazing. I can't even explain the experience.

After this we Headed to the restaurant at the park that is all you can eat buffet and is included in your admission price to the park. The park also have snack and drink shacks that our also included.

Next we did Amphibious Vehicles this was my hubbys favorite, of course he jumped in he driver seat. the vehicle's seat 4 but we asked if we could do 4 cars with 2,2,2 & 3 and they were happy to let us do that, this way all the guys got to drive. You drive through 10km (about 6 miles) of rocky jungle paths, bridges, caves and spots filled with water, you will for sure get muddy but that's ok because right after this we went swimming in the Cenotes.

Swimming in the Cenotes was my favorite part but honestly I wanted to try it but I thought I was going to hate it because I'm terrified of water, Yes I still get in pools, ocean and lakes but it still terrifies me. even shadows in pool scare the crap out of me. But I try very hard to not let it hold me back from trying something and experiencing something new. And oh boy am I so glad that I didn't let it hold me back because this was probably the highlight of my trip. When swimming you are swimming it the caves and when you look up you can see tree roots and even once and awhile you see a old hole for a well.
*Image Credit XPLoR

The last thing we did at the park was Zip-lining in a Hammock, You fly sitting on a hammock that's been converted into a zip-line. It takes you over the water of a cenote to a complete dunk into its refreshing water. This was a nice way to end the day.

If we wanted we could of gone and repeated something but by the time we did all 5 we were exhausted and ready for some dinner and relaxing. So we all headed back to the resort for a night there.

here our some thing I would Suggest taking to the park with you: 
Here is what I would suggest wearing:
Day 4 Relaxing and Recovering at the Resort:
After a very long fun filled day yesterday we all felt like just having a nice day handing out by the pool at the resort. And we had a blast!

We spent the day playing mexican bino, We did a in the pool dance class, We met a family from oregon that was also a group of 9 they were a fun group. 

We had a Oregon vs California Pool Vollyball Game and even has this really old man from germany be the ref lol he was so cute up until the moment he mooned us for playing so poorly lol.

It was a fun day just getting to hang by the pool.

Day 5 Cancun & Isla Mujeres
We called our taxi guy and had him take us 30 min to Cancun for the day we spent a little time driving around looking at stuff and then decided we would jump on a boat and go to the island of Isla Mujeres, as we started talking to our taxi driver we found out that he was just going to wait for us in Cancun until we came back, so we decided to just ask him to come along for the day:)  so now all 10 of us hopped on a boat and headed to Isla Mujeres.

once we got there we took a little time walking around seeing the little town, and then rented 2 golf carts and 2 Mopeds My Inlaws & Taxi Guy Took one Golf cart, our 3 friends took the other. Tianne & her hubby took a moped & hubby and I did as well. Hubby and I always try to do Mopeds at least once wherever we go, It's a fun way to see stuff. 

Once we were all set with the Golf Carts and Mopeds we headed out to find a bar that my hubby really wanted to go to. We drove up and down looking for this place.

Finally found a sign for it but all there was was a house...interesting... we ended up walking in this places back yard and bam there it is Soggy Peso Bar This place is a must try. I had the best Chicken Wings & Margarita here yum ( I just asked for no ice, and they had everything else cold so it didn't need any). They had Goanna's running around and they had this one really big one, the bartender told us that they love chicken wing day because they love the bones. Then he throwS one at the Goanna and yep he ate the bone...crazy. If you ever find yourself in Isla Mujeres you have to check this place out.
Hubby was very happy we found this place.
  • Beach Towles
  • Snorkel & Mask- We Have these I always have a problem with my long hair getting stuck in the rubber strap on my goggles so i replaced it with this Strap click here
  • sunblock
  • Ice Chest with water (and maybe even beer) trust me this will save you. we use one like this click here

resort, they were all pretty excited to get to go golfing. its a 18-hole, par 54 golf course. As you play you weave in and out of the jungle. The first tee time is at 7:30AM and I highly recommend doing that because later in the day it's just to dang hot. Also no need to lug all your stuff on the plan you can rent a set of clubs at the course.
Where We Stayed:
We stayed at The Grand Mayan at Vidanta Riviera Maya the rooms here are amazing. It's located on the Yucatan Peninsula. It's approximately 30 minutes from the Cancun Airport, in between Cancun and Playa Del Carmen, Seated in the lush Mayan jungle.

After lunch at Soggy Peso's we headed out to find a good spot to snorkel we took our snorkel gear with us cuz we knew we were going to look for a spot.

After a couple hours of snorkeling we were ready to head back to Cancun, By the time we got back it was around dinner time. Once we got back to the van we asked the Taxi Guy to take us to his favorite dinner spot, so he did we drove up to this dead end into the beach were there is a fences all around but with one of the gates open. he said this is it, We see all these locals going in, so we follow him in (and of course we had Taxi Guy join us for dinner) and wow it was a cute little Mom & Pop Restaurant right on the beach, as we sat there and ate the most delicious food, the candles flickered on the table as we hear the waves hit the beach and our toes are in the sand it was a little peace of paradise. The people there were so nice and so welcoming it felt like we have been eating there all our life. Now I have no clue where it was or how I would ever find it again but I was so Happy to of gotten the privilege to eat there and have that experience.

After that it was time to no longer keep Taxi Guy hostage and say good night lol.

Here was what we took on our day trip:

Day 6 Golf & Relaxing
After a day away we wanted to do another day hanging out at the Resort. After all this was our last day and we wanted to really take in the beauty of the resort.

The Guys started there morning off with Golf at the Nicklaus Design Golf Course at the

Items My Hubby Takes with us for Golf.
As the boys went Golfing 2 of the girls went to the Spa, another went to the gym, and Tianne and I Found a nice little Island in the pool to hang out at. We drank and ate the morning away lol one thing I love is this Resort has so many waiter walking around at all times. 

After the guys were done and the other girls were done with what they were doing the group all hung by the pool and played some games and relaxed for the rest of the day.

That evening we went to dinner at the resort and then headed to the Dance Club at the resort and dance until closing then after dancing we went for a swim.

Yep you swim a lot in Mexico lol is so dang hot.

Day 7 Leaving Day :(
It was very sad to see this day come, none of us wanted to go home yet. however our flights didn't leave until 5PM so we had a little time in the morning to still swim and hang out by the pool. The night before I packed up all my bags so I could get back to having fun in the morning and enjoy my last hours here. I packed in my Carryon bag a change of clothes to wear to the airport, alone with a large ziplock bag to put my wet swimsuit in. when we left our room that morning we just took all our stuff to the lobby and gave it to them to hold. yes it was not checkout time yet but we didn't want to have to stop the fun and have to go deal with it we wanted to keep having fun until the very last second and we definitely did.

When the time came to say good bye it was kinda sad we all didn't want to part ways, I especially didn't want to say goodbye to my cousin Tianne she lives 5 hours from me and I don't get to see her that often and so it's always hard when we have to say good bye.

It was even sad to say goodbye to Taxi Guy. And yes I do know his name but for privacy I don't say names unless I know the person is ok with it. In the end he gave us all his contact info and told us that next time we come we should give him a call aww so sweet.

One little Hiccup we had was when we got to the Airport my Father-in-law realized he didn't have his passport he forgot it in the safe in the suit...oh no... luckily we called the hotel and they found it and gave it to a driver to bring to up at the Airport and it got to him in the nick of time.

So there you have it our First Visit to Cancun Mexico.

Have you been to Cancun?
What's your Favorite thing to do?


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