Product Spotlight- YL Awaken Essential Oil Blend

Awaken Essential Oil

I love using this Oil when working in my office. Awaken is a blend of 5 Oils.

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Let's Take a Closer Look at Awaken

#1 Joy Essential Oil: Blend is a 10 blended oil powerhouse that is uplifting and lightens the heart
bringing "joy" and encourages feelings of love.

#2 Forgiveness Essential Oil: Blend of 15 essential oils that help to release negativity and to let go of the past.

#3 Present Time Essential Oil: Blend of 3 essential oils which is and empowering blend that encourages being in the moment.

#4 Dream Catcher Essential Oil

#5 Harmony Essential Oil: Blend with 17 essential oils supports energy balance and removes discord, allowing for a feeling of well being.

Awaken is a Blend with over 50 oils... now there is some repeats in there but  Still wow this is a amazing oil. Consider all the possibilities with this blend. 

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