{Contributed Post} Why You Need A Morning Room In Your Life (And Your Home)

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Life can be pretty interesting at times. There’s so much going on in the world and even more going on in our own little minds, that is can all get a little overwhelming. So it’s not surprising that we all tend to go through life feeling a little hazed. There’s so much noise, and there are a lot of distractions that are fighting for our attention. So if you feel like your mind is always running, it’s not all that surprising really is it?

However, this isn’t always healthy. Because when you have a lot going on in your mind, you may feel as if things are too intense for you. And it will all come crashing down at some point. But the good news is - that doesn’t have to happen. There are things we can do to feel like we’re more in control of our lives, and balanced too. Because being able to balance all of the things that go on in your mind, and all of the elements in your life, is just so important!

But how do we do that? Well, with mindfulness. You have to actively choose to manage your thoughts. And sometimes, you need some time and space to do this in! And THIS is why you need a morning room in your life. Because it can become the perfect place for you to start your morning routine, and to keep your mind in order. And if you’re still not convinced, read on for more benefits.

It Gives You Some Space To Get Space In
So first of all, the morning room gives you space. It gives you a room to go into, to drink your morning coffee, to meditate, to journal, and to write down your plans for the day. And this is often the biggest benefit of all for most people.

It Can Be A Relaxation Room
As a step on from that, you can then use your morning room to relax in. After your first few minutes or your first hour in the morning, you may feel as if the room won’t be used again. But why not see it as a relaxing space that you can go into whenever you want throughout the day. Bring in a comfortable chair, candles, and blankets - and maybe even a book, and save this space as your relaxation room.

You Can Make The Most Of The Sunlight
Another really great idea for this, is to bring more light into your home. Ideally, your morning room will be near to your kitchen or your living space. Then, you can purposely look to bring more light into both areas. Here, think about getting patio doors, like Renewal by Andersen windows, to really brighten up the space. If you can add them south facing, you’ll really maximize on the light.

It Can Become An Interest Room
And then, you could also look to use the space for a special interest that you have. Because we all need a room of our own, so why not making your morning room this? Maybe you want to paint or write or play music in a set space? Then your morning room could be perfect for it?

It Can Add Extra Room To The House
Another really huge benefit to creating a morning room is that you get to add some extra space to your home. As Real Homes show, this is only ever a good thing. If you know that you’re lacking space around the home - and this is even the reason why you’re feeling so overwhelmed, adding a morning room will be great.

It Can Add Value To Your Home
As a step on from that, when you’re adding more space to your house, it can incredible value. And when you do add patio doors and go for a kind of orangery look, this can be a huge selling feature. So you’re really creating this as a kind of investment.

t’s A Lot Of Fun
But the best part of all, is that adding a room to your house just because you want to, is fun! It’s something that you get to do for you. Sometimes, when you do something for yourself, it can feel frivolous or selfish. But when you’re adding space to your home, it’s practical - especially because you’re gaining more space and adding value to the home. So go ahead and build your perfect morning room to become more mindful in.

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