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There is no better time to start planning what you want to do with your garden over the year ahead. You can play around with different trends, embrace a wealth of vibrant colors, and generally give your garden a sprinkle of happiness. This post is here to assess the latest trends in landscaping Essex for 2019. You should definitely consider incorporating these into your garden’s design. So, keep on reading to find out more…
Let’s start off by revealing the best color to incorporate in your garden this year. A vibrant purple will definitely bring some life into your outdoor space through the coming months.

Low maintenance and sustainability
A lot of homeowners are seeking the services of landscapers like Chem Free Pest and Lawn in order to revamp their garden so that they have a design that is not only low maintenance but sustainable as well. Who can blame them? Not everybody wants to spend their day doing gardening. Not only do these designs save you hassle, but they are also economically and environmentally sound. Such designs are based on quality and practicality. They can often be simplistic, yet minimalism is a trend that is very much in fashion at the moment anyway.

Water features
Water features have definitely come back in fashion for 2019. They add an element of elegance, tranquillity, and peacefulness to any garden. They help to create a beautiful space for relaxation. Moreover, there are some water features that can also bring a dose of glamour to your garden as well. The good thing about this trend is the fact that it can be incorporated in many different ways. From a water wall to a fountain, you can find a water feature that perfectly matches in with the style of your garden.

The art effect
In addition to the points that have already been mentioned, a lot of people are improving the quality of the artistic statements they have in their garden. You wouldn’t believe the difference the mere inclusion of a sculpture or commissioned ironwork can do. It can instantly transform an average garden into one worthy of being in a magazine. You wouldn’t waste your money on tacky d├ęcor for the inside of your home, so why do it for the outside?

So there you have it, the top landscaping trends you should consider for the year ahead. If you are planning on incorporating any of these trends it is important to emphasise how crucial it is to find a high-quality landscaping company. This is the only way your water feature is truly going to transform your garden or the only way you will be sure to use purple effectively in your outdoor space. Thus, make sure you look for a company that has a wealth of experience and a good reputation in the industry. In fact, the best businesses will have a section on their website where you can view the work they have done so far. It is definitely worth checking this out.

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